Patrice was born in Quebec (Canada) and grew up watching his father create all kinds of metal sculptures as he showed him the value of working with his hands to create art from metal.

    As far as training, he did learn certain techniques from his father, especially regarding metal forming by hand, but he is self-taught for the rest. His journey began with making medieval armour and shields reproduction. After some years doing that, he moved on to making knives, something that forced him to learn new techniques and develop his creativity. The knives he made were more than tools, they were works of art and that inspired him eventually to move beyond them.

    He his now fully dedicated to creating metal sculptures that seek to bring to mind a sense of joy, peace and wonder in those who view them.

Artistic Statement

    Just about anything can be an inspiration for me to create a sculpture. Nature is a wonderful source, of course, but also man-made objects, from art to architecture to design and even simple day to day life. My purpose is to tell a story through emotion and movement.

    I use many techniques to build my sculptures, like metalsmithing, machining, welding, engraving and jewelry-making, among others. That is a big part of the appeal for me.

    I start every sculpture with a basic sketch of what I see in my head and then move on to creating a mock-up using materials that are easier to work with like wood, aluminum, clay, etc. This lets me see where I need to make changes, either to the mechanics or the composition. And then from there it’s time to make the final sculpture using metal and this usually involves more modifications to refine it and produce something that I am proud of.