Artistic Statement

Me and Sandra

  My father was a metal worker by trade and made metal sculptures as a hobby. I guess that's where I got the love for working with metal. I started making some medieval type armor and shields for a while and then knives for many years. I guess it was the path I had to take to end up here, making sculptures like my father.


  I use a great many techniques like metalsmithing, machining, engraving and jewelry making among many others. That is part of the appeal of sculptures for me.

  As far as what I make, it can be just about anything. Nature is a great source of inspiration hence the small creatures. But anything can fuel my imagination. And that's what I would love people to take away from my work. A gateway to unlock their own imagination and who knows, maybe even the desire to experience by themselves the joy of making something with their hands.

Pat Grinding

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